How to Join Tau Beta Pi

In order to be considered eligible for Tau Beta Pi membership, you must first meet the academic requirements (top 1/5th of Senior class or 1/8th of Junior class). Your scholastic achievement is certainly something you should be proud of. However, good grades alone are not enough to become a member. This page contains all the information about how to join TBP. Read on to find out what else it takes to become a member. Click on a link below to skip to a certain requirement.

A list of eligible students will be sent out at the beginning of each semester or can be found in Eligibles.

Requirement Tracking Sheet Spring (PDF): This document is for your personal use to track your requirements for joining Tau Beta Pi. This is not an official record of the completion of requirements, but it is highly recommended you use it because you can use it to show the current officers the required signatures to get your requirements officially checked off with us.

Undergraduate Student Requirements

Here is a list of the various activities that must be completed in order to become a member of TBP as an undergraduate.

  • Meet the academic requirements (top 1/5th of the Senior class or 1/8th of the Junior class)
  • Polish your individual bent until smooth and mirror-like.
  • Obtain your signature sheet and collect signatures for your polished bent.
  • Participate in the group bent polish. TBA in the Calendar page
  • Pay the one time Initiation Fee
  • Attend the TBP Initiation Ceremony.
  • Sign up and attend an officer interview
  • You can use the tracking sheet posted above to track your requirements.

Information on how to complete these activities are found on this page. Please read through each
section and make sure you understand them.

Check our Calendar page for the dates and deadlines of the above items.

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Graduate Student Requirements

Here is a list of the various activities that must be completed in order to become a member of TBP as an graduate.

  • Fulfill the requirements listed under “Undergraduate Student Requirements”.
  • Submit a letter from your graduate advisor verifying that you have completed at least 50% of your degree requirements.
  • Obtain, complete and turn in the section eligibility form to the Tau Beta Pi Office. Please make note of the INSTRUCTIONS and REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION listed on the right side of the form. Turn it in to an officer by the due date in the contact e-mail. If you can’t make it to any office hours, please put it in an envelope (labeled Grad Student Eligibility) and slide it under the door.

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Bent Polishing

Each candidate must polish a bent before being admitted into Tau Beta Pi Here are some suggestions
for polishing the bent:

  • Use a metal file to smooth out the rough surfaces and remove any extra material along the edges. An emery board (nail file) can also be used and works satisfactorily. No machinery may be used.
  • Use sandpaper starting with medium (200 grit) and progress towards 320, 400, and continue up until 2000 or 2500 grit sandpaper.
  • A mirror-like finish can be obtained by using metal polish (the best is Mothers Billet Metal Polish). A polishing wheel may be used for final finishing.

Polishing the bent can be frustrating and time consuming if not done properly. Candidates are encouraged to come to the Tau Beta Pi office or speak with any member for assistance or suggestions. This should be a memorable and fun experience.

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Initiation Fee

The initiation fee is due at the time of your interview. The one-time fee of $125.00 is broken up as follows:

Local chapter operations $35.00
National Convention Assessment $12.00
National Association expenses $17.40
Brass Bent $ 6.50
Four year subscription to the THE BENT $ 6.40
New Initiate Dinner $ 19.00
Membership certificate $ 2.50
Current constitution and information booklet $ 0.75
Subscription to the COUNCIL BULLETIN $ 0.45

Make checks payable to Tau Beta Pi. If a hardship exists, DO NOT DELAY YOUR TBP INITIATION. Payments may be deferred or you may apply for a student loan from the Tau Beta Pi National Organization. If you require more information about either of these options, contact a Tau Beta Pi officer prior to your interview. All requests will be kept confidential.

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